Reach Your Ideal Customers Affordably

This is the third step in the eight steps you need to be effective using social media marketing to reach your ideal prospects. The examples I use in this article are from Facebook, but many can be transferred to other platforms.

The challenge with this huge audience is that you can’t afford to market to all of them every day. Most of them aren’t your ideal prospects, and you are spending more money and effort reaching people who won’t buy from you.

Every platform has its strengths and a type of people it attracts. The type of customer you are looking for will be attracted to a narrow range of social media platforms.

Some people prefer images and videos while others like text. And some of those who want text prefer text like that on Twitter that is short and easy to read so they can move on while others prefer a full blog where they can find more in-depth information.

The platform that currently gives you the fastest way to reach and build your audience is Facebook. You can use organic, unpaid strategies along with paid Facebook ads and promoted and sponsored posts to really ramp up the speed of growth.

On Facebook you have to have a business page to run targeted ads and promoted posts. While you can promote a post on your personal page, you don’t have the targeting abilities, and you can’t send people to a link or a page. This limits what you can do to encourage users to buy anything. The only response you can ask for is an e-mail or a call.

Facebook offers a wide range of targeting options at an affordable price. You can start your ads at $1 per day. As your audience grows, you can ramp up the amount you spend to increase the size of your audience. If you are going to grow a business of any size you need a large pool of prospects, and Facebook delivers that pool at a price almost anyone can afford.

The low cost of getting started on Facebook offers an excellent chance to test your advertising message. You can reach hundreds of people with the $1 ad and find out if they respond to your message. If they do, great; add more money and continue.

You can also take these messages to other, more expensive media knowing they work with the people you want to reach. If your message doesn’t work, you are out $1 and one day of effort.

The other option that Facebook offers is the ability to reach people and, once prospects click a link, you can customize messages for them. After the first action, you can either send them another message or, if they click a link or perform another action, you can offer them another message. All of these messages can be designed so that people are getting increasing value from interacting with you, and they are moving closer to buying what you are selling.

All these benefits can come from reaching your ideal prospect with one Facebook ad.

If you want more information on how to do this, schedule a call with Brian by clicking here, and the two of us can start designing a plan to help you reach your ideal clients.

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