Small Steps—Big Profits

I’ve found a secret marketing tool that I’ve been implementing over the past several months for my marketing. It involves taking small slightly different steps that lead to big profits.

It’s not another Facebook tactic, but there are more of them out there.

This is a low-tech, innovative way to connect with people you want to reach, and combined with Facebook marketing, it really increases your success rates.

When we’re selling on Facebook or from our websites, many of us have to become involved personally in the sales. Very few people will hire a marketing consultant without first talking to the person. I know I wouldn’t.

The tools that are available in this small box are simple to use and effective.

What I’m talking about is the Marketing Multipliers box created by my friend Kevin Donlin. He’s a professional copywriter from Edina, Minnesota.

I like all the tools he offers, but the ones I have used the most are the Unique Naming Matrix, the Emotional Hot Button Detector, and the Amazon Focus Group.

These tools have helped me as I have connected with new clients, and they have also helped me as I have created material for my existing clients.

The other incredibly valuable service I use regularly is the Monthly Marketing Critique that Kevin offers. You can send him any piece of marketing—a newsletter, ad, email, flyer, landing page, etc.—and he’ll evaluate it and get back to you with his recommendations.

I was struggling to get a page right. No matter what I did, the results were poor. Kevin took a look at it and gave me several suggestions that immediately increased the results by 200%, and that led me down a trail to further success.

To see a sample of this, go to Marketing Multipliers You can try it out for no cost, and if you find it valuable, you can keep receiving marketing tools and tactics each month.

I’ve been a participant for several months, and I keep thinking that Kevin will run out of ideas—but he doesn’t. Each month, he has another one that makes me say, “Wow, I should have thought of that!”

Check it out at

Have a great day!

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