What systems do you have in place to keep your existing clients connected to you?

We know that it is more profitable to sell to your existing clients. The question is: How do you make this happen?

Different businesses have different purchase cycles. The gaps between when you purchase groceries and when you buy another car are significantly different.

You have finished working with a client, and the client is happy with your product and the results he or she obtained, but you did a great job and the client isn’t going to need you for a year or more. How do you stay connected with that client so he or she doesn’t forget you and the great work you did?

There are several options open to you. The most obvious ones are:

  •     E-mail
  •     Facebook
  •     A campaign of cards
  •     Letters to them at regular intervals
  •     A company newsletter

All of the above will keep you in your clients’ minds.

The purpose of keeping in touch isn’t to sell to your clients every time they hear from you. Yes, you want to have offers for them, but they should be low key. What you are really doing is nurturing your relationship. You want to be your clients’ “guy or gal” for your services. You are working hard to make sure that they know, like, and trust you so they don’t even look at another company to give them what you can.

As you nurture these relationships, you will find people coming back to you time and time again as well as referring their friends and relatives to you.

Let me close with this. What systems do you have in place to stay connected with your clients or customers?

If you would like help developing systems to do this, Go Social Experts can help. Reply to this e-mail or call me at 715-835-5373 to schedule a free consultation.

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