The Best Facebook Marketing Strategy for 2015!

Online marketing is an ever-changing world. As one strategy starts working well, the people you’re targeting change, and a new strategy is needed.

This is a familiar challenge to all marketers, and it’s amplified when using online marketing. As soon as a strategy is effective, everyone else adopts it and consumers develop an immunity to it over time. The more familiar your consumers are to online marketing, the faster change happens to keep selling consistently.

What Facebook Marketing Strategy that’s working in 2015 is different from the past in many ways. The most challenging difference for most marketers is the insertion of non-gated content, content you don’t need to leave your contact information for, into the beginning of the process.

To experienced online marketers, that’s heresy. The first step has been traditionally to offer a great piece of content, maybe a free report, or training video or audio download in exchange for an e-mail address.

That model is being challenged now. However, if those in your market are still willing to share their e-mail addresses, by all means, keep collecting them.
What has happened is that, if people share their e-mail addresses, they are often leaving an e-mail address they don’t check often, or they’re just not opening e-mails from people they don’t know or really want to hear from.

This has brought about a new strategy. What has been working lately is to run an ad or get people to a piece of content that is now free to all.

At the end of this content, be it a video or article, there is a call to action that invites people to click to another page. When they do click, they’re taken to a sales page that tells them why the product or service they are looking at is worthwhile to purchase or sign up for.

If your visitors are convinced by this page, they then click a “buy now” button or subscribe, and they complete the action you offered them. You will now have their e-mail addresses, which you needed to send them what they wanted or their receipt, and they were happy to give it to you.

This is the completion of the first part of the campaign.

The next step is follow-up. Your prospects did what you asked and became customers. They find what you’re offering compelling. The real money for you is to connect with them again and offer them other services and products.

Now, what happens to all those who go to the first page but don’t click on the link to go to your sales page? Are they lost forever?

Not at all. Set up properly, you have a retargeting pixel on this page. You can then show your visitors other pages that educate them about the benefits of your product and what it can do for them. How will their lives be better when they buy your product?

All of these pages you show them lead them to your sales page.

What about those who get to the sales page, either right away or after several contacts from you? If they don’t buy, are they lost forever?

Nope, they’re not lost, either. Again, you have retargeting set up on this page, and you can reconnect with them at will.

You can offer them one deal; if they don’t take it, have another deal to offer them. You never know what’s going to strike different people and make them opt in or buy from you.

Keep at it until they buy—you know you have a good product that will help them.

As long as you set all of this up properly, you’ll get decent results. If you want help getting this set up and working faster for you, see last week’s article click here.

Check out the diagram below to see how this type of process looks.

Have a great week!

FB Sales Funnel 2015

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