The Value of Your Facebook Audiences

When you are marketing on Facebook, there are several different audiences you have access to as a marketer.

The main Facebook audiences include

  • the people who have liked you on Facebook
  • their friends
  • a custom audience you create, usually from your e-mail list
  • the people who have visited your website
  • audiences who are similar to the audiences you created
  • and people who have an interest in what you offer

These are the main audiences you will market to on Facebook.

What I have found with my marketing is that the audiences all respond differently to my offers.

The people who have liked my Facebook page then opted in to my e-mail list, and/or they have visited my website are considered a “warm” audience. They know me and have some kind of relationship with me and my business.

Friends of people who have liked my page are an interesting audience. I have had success marketing to them in many cases. They see that friends of theirs have liked my page, and they think that if their friends like this page then it must be good.

The Lookalike audiences and the people who have an interest in what I do are interested in what I offer, but since they don’t know me, they have a low level of trust in me.

The more contact that an audience has had with me, the more readily they will do what I ask of them.

This may involve a few examples such as: getting contact information from them, signing up for an on-line event, coming to my store, or spending money with me on-line or in my store.

As long as you have a business that is going to be around for any length of time that offers a similar product line, growing your Facebook audience steadily is a valuable activity. It takes time to grow, but as your audience gets used to seeing posts from you then they expect to see you; then when you are selling something to them you won’t seem out of place.

People on your e-mail list and people who have been to your website know and recognize your name, and they aren’t surprised to see you on Facebook. Many may even think they have “liked” your page in the past. Your offers won’t be a surprise to them, and if the post or ad is compelling enough they will click on it and maybe do what you are asking.

The Lookalike audience and the people you are interested in are a great source of new customers. Unless your product is the kind that does well as an impulse buy, you will have a more challenging task of selling to these people the first time that they see your ads

I find that the kind of ad that works best for these people is an introduction to your services. The ad can contain a message that takes them to a page to find out more about you. This page could have a video with an introduction to you, an audio introduction, or an image and an article of interest to the audience written by you.

This can lead these people to liking your page and moving to one of the other audiences who more easily buy from you.  As your relationship with your audience grows, your financial success from using Facebook will grow as well.

If you want more information about creating audiences and help with creating strategies to become successful marketing on Facebook, click here to schedule a free consultation with Brian at Go Social Experts.

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