The Value of a Facebook Fan

Since Facebook was first used for business purposes, the value of a Facebook fan has been debated.

There is no simple answer because the value depends on many variables, including:

  •       How did you attract your Facebook fans?
  •       What are you selling?
  •      How consistently do you post and interact with your fans?
  •      What process do you have for converting people from fans into customers?

I have read many different estimates of the value of a fan on Facebook. They  range from a low of $5 each per year to $174 more than a customer who’s not a fan.

Facebook likes have value, but you have to decide if the value is great enough for your business to pursue them.

If you, as a business owner, decide the value is great enough, how can you grow this asset?

You can follow other Facebook pages, read blog posts from Facebook experts, attend free webinars, and sign up for free reports.

This does work. I have done it while studying this subject and many others.

The challenge is that it takes many hours—even months—of reading and experimenting.

Another option is to find others who have been successful using Facebook for their businesses and follow their processes.

The challenge to this tactic is that they may know what worked for their businesses but have no idea how to replicate it for another business.

A third option is to find people who manage Facebook pages as a business and who teach others how to be successful with Facebook—and work with one of these people.

These people have usually worked with many types of businesses. This lets them see what’s working in one industry and experiment with it in another. They are usually skilled at both helping businesses get started and at helping them improve on what they are already doing.

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The four-week course covers organic (unpaid) strategies as well as paid promotions with Facebook.

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To your success.

Have a great week.

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