What Do Your Customers/Clients Have After Doing Business With You? 

What do your clients/customers have after doing business with you

Let me make a prediction: you assume that by someone buying your product or service that they understand what they are going to have at the end. But can you even articulate what they’ll have after doing business with you?

The key to success is to be able to tell your prospects what they’re going to have before they buy from you in such a way that it moves them to purchase from you for the first time. And ultimately, to motivate them to come back again and again. 

In an earlier article, I wrote about 5 different levels of transformation that you can provide for your customers. If you missed it click here to read it.  

Remember that you need to offer your customers a transformation.

If they are interacting with you in person or online they have a need or interest in your product. After all, if they weren’t at least a little dissatisfied with their current solution they wouldn’t be talking with you. 

The first level of transformation you provide your customers is the HAVE level. What are they going to have when they do business with you? 

In the earlier article we stated: 

What is your customer going to HAVE when they do business with you? What does your product have or provide the customer that they don’t have now? 

This is an easy one to comprehend and most businesses do well with articulating this.

However, it’s important when you’re creating your message that you are able to articulate what they have before they do business with you as well as what they will have after they do business with you. 

At Go Social Experts we offer an Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program so we’ll use that as an example here.

First of all, it’s a program where we work side by side with you virtually. We use a screen sharing program and I work with you and guide you through doing all of the work yourself so that you’re comfortable doing so. This also ensures that you can make adjustments or recreate all of the work in the future when you’re on your own.

We start out with what our clients, or in this case student, will have once we’re done. 

The goal of the course is that in 8 weeks you have a complete Facebook funnel done and optimized and getting you the results you want. And you also have the skills to make changes to it or recreate it at will. 

Our students have a Facebook Marketing Funnel designed and created in less than a month and are running Facebook ads and getting results in less than six weeks. 

Now let’s look at what they had before they started working with us:

Most people when they come to us don’t have a unified marketing plan. They do hit and miss marketing. They have bits and pieces of the puzzle created, but they don’t know how to put everything together so that it works. 

This happens when you learn a tactic from one person and then another from another person and so on . . . or you talk to a newspaper salesman and use newspaper this week and talk to a radio rep next month and so you use radio and . . .  

As you can see it’s hard to build traction this way and to get results that you want. 

What they have once they’re done working with us is: 

  • An organized plan and message that moves a person from ‘I’ve never heard of you’ to ‘here’s my credit card, take my money’ easily and effortlessly, as well as all the pieces implemented and working. 
  • No more gaps in between the pieces they’ve created.
  • The ability to send people to a landing page they created. They also know how to create more and get the people they send to do what they want. 
  • A retargeting ad set up so that they’re talking to people who come to the page and don’t sign up or buy a second and third time. 
  • Email or Facebook Messenger Marketing all set up, should they choose that route as well.

In short, they have a complete Facebook marketing funnel and the skills to create more as needed. 

This is level one in messaging and how well you communicate this will determine how well your media of choice works. 

Check out the next article where we go into FEEL. How do your customers feel before they buy from you VS. after they buy from you? 

Have a great day! 


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