What’s Your Offer?

When you’re marketing, remember the rule set by the great

marketer Dan Kennedy: Every article of marketing that goes out

must feature an offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending out a

postcard, a letter, an ad in a newspaper or magazine, a Google or

Facebook ad, or an e-mail. It must include an offer.


So what constitutes an offer, and what makes a good one?


An offer is a product or service you’re presenting to

someone to accept or refuse.


The challenge is to develop an offer that will motivate

people to read what you’ve created and then crave your product or

service. What you offer must be so attractive consumers can’t

turn it down. How you do that will be explained in another post.


For now, it’s enough to know that when you communicate with

potential customers, you need to have an offer for them. This can

be as low key and as simple as “Give me a call” or “Sign up now”

or as long and complex as is required to get the job done.


The easiest way to have an offer included in your message is

to know what you want the person reading your message to do

before you start. When you know that, it’s easier to write your

message, and you won’t forget to include the offer.


Adding this one piece of information-the offer-to your

marketing can dramatically increase your sales. Having an offer

and telling people how to claim it will grow your business.


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