You Don’t Have To Celebrate Alone

Let’s face it. Whenever you have a party, celebration, or event of any kind we all feel a twinge in our gut wondering if anyone is going to show up right before the first guest arrives. But if you do it right you don’t have to celebrate alone!

Back when I had my grocery store we had one-day meat sales four times a year. They were huge events and the store was always crowded with people.

Even still, I remember going through the coolers on the day of the sales before we opened. I’d look at all the fresh meat and other items we had prepared for the sale and I’d wonder… what we were going to do with all of this if no one shows up?

It always a huge relief when the first people arrived at the store but it always felt even better when a few turned into a crowd.

How can Facebook help turn a few into a crowd for you?

First, over the past few articles, we’ve been talking about growing your business and that there are only three ways to do so…

  1. Get new customers
  2. Get your existing customers to buy more
  3. Get your existing customers to come back more often.

In this article, we’re talking about getting your existing customers to come back more often.

The more reasons you give people to come to your store or website the more times people are going to return.

If you think that people need your products and services so much they’ll just come back on their own – you’re in for stagnating or declining sales in the near future.

Even the grocery business, which has been slow to change for the past 100 years, is going to see a massive change soon.

Amazon is moving into their territory and Amazon doesn’t need a physical store anywhere near yours. Fed Ex or the Postal Service will deliver their products for them.

So what kind of events am I talking about?

An event can be anything from a special sale to an open house, to having a visiting celebrity to coordinating with a charity to a webinar or class to ____.  Your imagination is your only limit.

The more publicity you give your event the more successful your events will be.

People like talking on Facebook about events they are going to attend or have attended.

Facebook even lets you create Facebook events on your page, and when people indicate they’re interested in them they’ll get reminders about the event from Facebook.

The key is making sure that you talk about the event in multiple ways.

We find if we rely on just creating a Facebook event that we don’t get much interaction, but when we invite people to the event with boosted posts or FB ads then we get a good response.

Facebook is a good tool for telling people what’s going on.

All you do is create an event in your store or on your website and use Facebook to promote it.

And then most importantly execute well at the event. You want your attendees to have a good experience.

As you can see we’re not talking about selling anything on these kinds of Facebook promotions. Rather, we’re just promoting your event and getting people to participate.

But when people are participating in your event, they’ll buy stuff at the same time.

Have a great day!


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