Your Facebook Secret Weapon!

This week’s article is for the Facebook advertiser who wants to see results.

I talk to many beginning Facebook advertisers about this secret weapon, and they like it, but they don’t implement it. Using it adds a level of complexity to your campaign design, but also it increases your effectiveness.
This tool is one of the most powerful tools available to Facebook advertisers.

The secret tool? Website custom audience!

Website custom audience allows you to build a Facebook list of people who’ve been to your website. It gives you the option to reach people who’ve expressed an interest in your services at a later time, or better yet, while they’re still searching for your products but may be checking out your competitors.

Website custom audiences are a powerful tool to reach a group of people who are looking for your products and services. You can show them the same item or service they were looking at or a complementary item or service.
What is a website custom audience? A website custom audience is a list of people created when someone goes to a page on your website that has a special code on it and returns to Facebook. When they return to Facebook, they are added to an audience in your account.

What can you do with this website custom audience? Click here for more detail.

This website custom audience is created from people who had a reason to go to your website. They are interested in what you are selling. If they didn’t at least have a casual interest in what you sell, they wouldn’t have ended up on your website.

You can now target Facebook ads to these people. It’s known as retargeting. Done well, retargeting substantially reduces your advertising costs and brings a steady flow of sales to your business. That’s what makes retargeting so powerful and website custom audiences is the key tool to making retargeting happen effectively.
We’ve found it to be true whether we utilize website custom audience for our business or implement it for our clients. Our cost per sale is less with this audience than it is with any other Facebook audience, the majority of the time.

How do you set up website custom audience?

Navigate to your Facebook ads manager, then go to the tools option at the top of the page and choose audiences. Choose create audience on the left side of the page. Pick the custom audience option, then select website traffic. This opens a box where you can fill in the information to complete the setup.
In the lower left of the box where you are to create your website audience, you will see a gear symbol. That is where you get the code you put on your website.

When you follow the instructions on the page with the code, remember you only have to put it in one place on your website and it will be on every page on your website. You only have to do this once and you can create multiple audiences.

This process builds a Facebook audience that you can reach out to and offer products or services at any time with minimal cost.

There are many more sophisticated tactics you can use with this tool. If you want more sophisticated options, the fastest way to make this happen is to hire someone to help you set it up. Click here to schedule a 45-minute session with Brian to help you implement this tactic.

Set up properly, this tool brings a steady flow of income on an ongoing basis. Set up improperly, it will frustrate you and leave you wondering why I even mentioned it.

This is an option you can have up and running in a short time that will move your Facebook advertising to a higher level. Take the time to learn how to do this and make it happen. Do it on your own, or for a small fee, I will have you up and running in less than an hour. Click here to get it done.

Have a great week!

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