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In a COVID-19 Business Slump?

Recently I was talking to a client whose business has been affected by the shutdown. The past couple of times I had talked with them they were adjusting to the new reality and making changes and progress. This time they commented that it’s been different and that the pace is slower. And frankly, they weren’t… Read more »

We’re In Crisis Mode…What Do We Do NOW? – EPISODE EIGHT of the Go Social Experts Podcast

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! When the world goes into lockdown during a crisis, how do we continue to run our business and keep things surviving and thriving? On this episode, Brian goes into detail on how you can stay in contact with your clients and customers and keep… Read more »

How Can You Sell, Even If You’re Not Open

Remember the first step at all times when you’re working on your business during times like this… Don’t Panic! Most times there is an idea or way to make your business work. They just may not be as obvious now as they were in the past. We’re in a new time. There has never been… Read more »