How Do You Help Make the World a Better Place?

We all have skills, talents, and abilities that we can use to help other people. This can include feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, teaching people to read, helping after a natural disaster, being an EMT or firefighter, etc. I’ve chosen to be involved in helping young men grow and develop as leaders and good… Read more »

Market Research At The Tip Of Your Fingers

There is a tool within your Facebook advertising account that you can use to find out about your Facebook likes, your email list’s interests, as well as your current customer interests or competitor’s client interests. This is valuable market research. You have access to this tool through your Facebook ads manager account. Ads do not… Read more »

Have A Plan

Do you realize that everything you do gets results? You might be thinking, No, I’m not getting results from what I do on my down time. I want to suggest that how you come back from your down time is the result you get. Are you rested and refreshed and ready to go? Or are… Read more »