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How To Fail at Anything

Recently I was talking with a client, and we were planning goals for the next 12 months. All was going well, and we agreed on what our goals should be. When that was done, we started talking about what we were going to do to make sure we reach those goals. After all, when you… Read more »

Secret to Becoming Wildly Successful: Be Consistent Week After Week Episode 87 –

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! Brian recently published his 400th weekly email. On this episode, marketing expert, Brain Hahn, shares the “secret” to his success and how you can model it in your business. powered by Sounder Customer Value Journey: Click Here Get The Facebook Formula Book Here: Follow on… Read more »

6 Step Video Formula

I’m sure you’ve heard that video is one of the most powerful tools to use in your marketing. It is, and it also works for recruiting, communicating with your team members, customer service and. . . the list goes on. You get it, there are many uses for video. How do you make a video… Read more »