Where are you allocating your marketing dollars?

Have you evaluated how you are spending your marketing dollars in the last few months? The effectiveness of traditional marketing has been waning over the last few years, and many businesses haven’t changed how they market. Media hasn’t changed—people have. Your customers have more options than ever when they choose where to spend their time… Read more »

What Are You Afraid Of? The 5 Fears That Could Keep You From Achieving Your Social Media Goals

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The number one fear people have above all else is public speaking. The idea of getting in front of a large audience with nothing but your words and personality to rely on is more than most people can handle. Even the thought of putting themselves out there to be judged is enough to send the… Read more »

Set the social media bar high

As long as there have been businesses there has been competition. A lot of people fear competition because it can challenge your success but to me, competition has the potential to make you better. I’m not saying that you should be obsessed with one-upping your competition but when it comes to social media, it’s still… Read more »

Meet people where they are

When people ask me why I think they should use social media in their marketing my first answer is always, you have to meet people where they’re at. My background is in print journalism and as much as I mourn the declining nature of the newspaper industry, it doesn’t make it less true that relying… Read more »